Server Replication

Reduce the financial risk of not being able to reach clients, suppliers and employees during a system failure. Fast Lane Communications ensures secure availability of your mission-critical applications by replicating your application environment to a secondary Fast Lane Communications datacenter.

In the event of a system interruption or failure the replica automatically and seamlessly engages, ensuring continued access to applications and data. Business continues as usual.

Utilizing Fast Lane Communications's Server Replication solution satisfies regulatory requirements and provides an additional level of redundancy. Manage your resources more effectively by scheduling system changes and updates on your time table. Maintain your reputation by providing your customers a level of uninterrupted service at a fraction of the traditional costs.


  • Includes hosting at a world-class, geographically-dispersed datacenter
  • Real-time, WAN-optimized data replication and synchronization
  • Can be utilized to test server upgrades or maintenance in a non-disruptive manner
  • Automated failover of physical & virtual servers
  • Manages failover process for specific applications like Exchange, SQL, Oracle, BES, IIS


  • Minimal downtime during failover
  • Protection from environmental or unwanted intrusion
  • Satisfies regulatory requirements
  • Access applications and data 24/7