Data Center Features

Customizable Options

  • Seattle, Everett and Bellingham, WA
  • Customizable cage space
  • Full, half, quarter and shared cabinet options
  • User controlled remote reboots with IP addressable PDUs
  • Internet access and private network connections
  • 120v and 208v power options, DC at select locations

Safe and Protected

  • 24x7x365 data center access
  • Dual ports to Internet extending diversity to each customer cabinet
  • Biometric and key card access
  • Supports HIPAA, SOX and PCI compliance
  • Advanced video surveillance

State-of-the-Art and Connected

  • Fully meshed regional MPLS network access to local, national and international carriers through the Westin Building Meet-Me-Room
  • Direct connection to Canada using dedicated facilities
  • Peering options available with Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX)
  • Extraordinary security and availability
  • NW premier PNAP (Private Network Access Point) 
  • Building access through multiple fiber vendors
  • Multi-homed Internet connectivity using Tier 1 backbone carriers

Infrastructure and Environment

  • Multi-staged pre-action dry pipe fire suppression
  • Environmentally friendly construction materials
  • Hot Aisle - Cold Aisle Cooling
  • Humidity and zone temperature control
  • Proactive power management
  • Diesel backup generator(s)

For Your Convenience

  • Fifteen minutes of support during business hours without additional charge
  • Secure staging area for your equipment
  • Power utilization studies
  • Remote Hands Service available when you need it
  • Fully stocked tool set and crash carts for your use
  • Access to a quiet workspace
  • Conveniently located with quick access to Interstate 5