Flexible Bandwidth Billing

Offering nearly unlimited bandwidth billing options.

In order to better service our clients needs, we are currently offering flexible bandwidth billing on our dedicated server offerings. This service will allow you to choose the exact amount of bandwidth you will need for your system. Using three flexible billing options we offer, monthly data transfer (per GB), unmetered (capped), or 95th percentile. In addition to being able to select these levels at sign-up, you can adjust your bandwidth commitment levels or billing methods at any time in order to take effect for the next billing period.

Monthly Data Transfer (Per GB)

Most of our dedicated server customers are used to Per GB billing seeing as it is the simplest pricing method we offer. You are billed on the number of GB transferred from your server; outbound bandwidth is all that you will be billed for as inbound bandwidth is free. This method works well for most users, unless you are using higher amounts of bandwidth or do not want the ambiguity of overages.

  • Overages are billed at $0.35 per GB
  • 2000GB of data transfer included at no additional charge
  • Additional bandwidth, if purchased in advance of the billing period, is $0.10 per GB

Unmetered (Capped)

Unmetered billing gives you the option to set a maximum amount of outbound bandwidth on your account. You will be able to use that amount of outgoing bandwidth 24/7 without any overage fees. By using this billing method, you will not be billed for inbound bandwidth usage an there is no cap on inbound bandwidth usage. It also works well for those that do not want to risk overages or those using higher amounts of bandwidth.

10 Mbit/sec is included for $20 per month over the base price and bandwidth beyond 10 Mbit/sec is priced as follows:

  • 11 - 19 Mbit/sec - $20 per Mbit/sec
  • 20 - 39 Mbit/sec - $17 per Mbit/sec
  • 40 - 99 Mbit/sec - $14 per Mbit/sec
  • 100 - 199 Mbit/sec - $11 per Mbit/sec
  • 200 - 499 Mbit/sec - $10 per Mbit/sec
  • 500 Mbit/sec+ - $9 per Mbit/sec
  • No overages