Our Virtual Private Servers

Windows VPS

Microsoft Virtual Server is virtualization software that allows setting up a virtual private server on a Windows operating system. Hosting a virtual private server can be done through the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003 operating systems, thus setting up a Windows VPS hosting system. A Windows Virtual Private Server (Windows VPS) can also be used on these operating systems.

Fast Lane Communications Windows VPS server hosting is leading the marketplace with a wide range of Windows VPS options and features including Windows Server 2008 and 2003 and the choice of Microsoft Hyper-V or Parallels Virtuozzo virtualization creating the Windows VPS hosting that best suits your preferences.

Windows VPS Benefits

Windows Virtual Private Servers benefit from Windows VPS features including support for Microsoft SQL and Access databases as well as asp, ASP.NET and Sharepoint web pages.

Virtuozzo VPS vs Hyper-V VPS

Virtuozzo VPS uses Windows as the root operating system and from there separates into Windows VPS "instances". Comparatively, Hyper-V VPS is its own root operating system. You install complete physical installations of Windows onto each Windows VPS.

You need Hyper-V. Virtuozzo's limitation if you want to modify your Windows installation so that original installation is shared and virtualization happens on top.

It is this limitation however that makes Virtuozzo Windows VPS powerful. Many if not most updates you wish to make to your Virtuozzo Windows VPS can be done instantaneously without rebooting your machine. This includes RAM, CPU and other upgrades!

Linux VPS

Linux VPS hosting powers the majority of world's leading websites and application infrastructures. Fast Lane Communications Linux VPS powered by Virtuozzo while running CentOS or Debian provides the standard in Linux VPS hosting for LAMP, Ruby, JAVA or any other purpose or advancement.

Linux VPS Benefits

Linux Virtual Private Servers benefit from the flexibility of fully custom development and production environments as well as open source standards in computing reliability and security.

Full root access via SSH means you are not restricted to what's in the box. Customize first with CentOS VPS or Debian VPS flavors and add and remove packages as you need. LAMP is sustained out of the box and is as powerful as ever with the latest in Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl.

Virtuozzo Linux VPS

Virtuozzo Linux VPS is powerful do to its flexibility. Not only can you upgrade your Linux VPS resources at anytime without rebooting but you can manage and control your Linux VPS remotely. As an administrator you access the control through Virtuozzo Power Panel to manage your Linux VPS hosting. This includes reboot, shutdowns, remote backups and more. With SSH root access you have full access to your Linux VPS hosting to generate the environment you want. CentOS VPS and Debian VPS flavors certify your experience as an administrator is the one you are at ease with.


The ideal Linux VPS choice is CentOS VPS when stability and security reign as primary motivations for selection. It's also the only VPS that supports WHM / cPanel Control Panel and suite of features as well as Plesk Panel and Small Business Panel by Parallels.

Debian VPS

Due to its aggressive upkeep on packages and advances while retaining the strong security and stability Linux is known for Debian has rapidly become one of the most popular Linux distributors. Debian VPS supports Debian's state-of-the-art take on the Linux OS model support Plesk Control Panel and suite of features to make web hosting automation easy and effective.